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Kill Rock Stars


by Shoplifting

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L.O.V.E. 02:58
Ask Me 04:46


shoplifting SHOPLIFTING shoplifting.

NO FUCKING AROUND.hannah, devin, chris and michelle are SHOPLIFTING: born in huggy nation just below the hickey underground (tunnels sticky with love, sweating bricks and texts).and for that privileged/cursed. teeth coming in. HARD. to fulfill plots hatched deep in memory. to seethe. to queer. to howl. to heal. to pull rugs..... reclamation. freedoms.

we'd sooner write our bodies and let you read our flesh than engage in dryhumping with "facts".

but, here’s a tease: we work with KILL ROCK STARS cuz we trust those 3 words like we trust trust.we have a 7” and an EP on KRS and we’re gonna make an LP this fall.among other projects - musical and non.we’re touring all over & we’ll play with YOU in YR town. start a band/gang/cell!we're not scared of embarrassment or missteps/learning. we're not scared toadmit we're scared. we're not scared of you. critics. marketers. "cool".consumers. fans. spectators. MOVE. we want co-conspirators. co-dorks. NOW.

YOU. US. let's not condescend. let's not not not.

let's exchange in sense of conversations making sense. small s. creating conversations as opposed to dictating order, building consensualrelationships instead of pulpits & soapboxes, embracing processes ratherthan cheap clarity. or if we're gonna talk clarity, let's clarify our intentions.


we stop cutting the fuse to long always. it shatters mirroredsunglasses which pool into mercury at the foot of our stairs. we ascendskipping every even step. when we reach the top our guts hymn likeoverripe plums. we plunge teeth and find spools of spliced tape. laythem in moonlight to dry. they project filthy haze; we see a cock, tarredand feathered, accompanied by bitter laughter.

the dream crept yearning to illuminate constructed incapacities.

a whisper, a shout, the air i breathe shoplifting is life, a fight, is love;it’s our blood; yr blood.we urge you to move in every sense of the word…..cuz this is for you, forever true. a reason to stomp yr foot,a reason to raise yr fist, a place to raise yr voice, discuss the world that binds you; hearts and minds combine; purpose. we can feel it in our bones. listen to the voices; what's i is you is us is we.

listen to the sound, yr heart begging you to bounce.

that voice is yrs, this voice is yrs, you are typing right now.


released September 14, 2004


all rights reserved



Shoplifting Seattle, Washington

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